arms and ammunition

Imphal, Oct 14: Manipur Police conducted a thorough cordon and search operation (CASO) in the Imphal West district, resulting in the seizure of a substantial cache of sophisticated arms and ammunition.

The joint effort was led by the Imphal West District Police in collaboration with various security forces, covering the areas of Kameng, Khamran, and Mana Ingkhol within the district. This large-scale operation involved the meticulous search of approximately 150 houses across the three villages, leading to the recovery of a wide range of items.

The items recovered during this intensive search operation included:

(i) Carbines: Three carbines were discovered during the operation. These firearms are known for their compact and lightweight design, making them suitable for various applications.

(ii) Carbine Magazines: A total of five carbine magazines were seized. Magazines are essential components of semi-automatic firearms, enabling the loading of multiple rounds.

(iii) 9 mm Pistol: One 9 mm pistol was recovered along with a single magazine. The 9 mm pistol is a commonly used sidearm, valued for its accuracy and ease of use.

(iv) 7.65 Lama Pistol: A single 7.65 Lama pistol was found, accompanied by a magazine. Lama pistols are known for their reliability and are often used for self-defense.

(v) 36 HE Grenades: Three high-explosive (HE) grenades were discovered, posing a significant threat due to their explosive power.

(vi) Air Gun with Scope: An air gun equipped with a scope was part of the cache. Air guns are non-lethal but can resemble actual firearms in appearance.

(vii) Ammunition: The ammunition recovered included 67 rounds of 9 mm ammunition and 78 rounds of 0.45 mm ammunition. Ammunition is a crucial component for any firearm.

(viii) Plastic Magazine of INSAS Rifle: A plastic magazine for an INSAS rifle, which is a standard issue rifle for the Indian military.

(ix) BP Jackets: Eight bulletproof jackets were found. These are designed to protect individuals from firearm projectiles and shrapnel.

(x) Police Uniform: A total of 13 pairs of police uniforms and one pair of police pants were part of the seized items. The inclusion of police uniforms could raise concerns about impersonation or disguise.

(xi) Jungle Boots: Eight pairs of jungle boots, which are sturdy and designed for outdoor use in challenging terrains.

(xii) Dummy Rifle (Wood): Nineteen dummy rifles made of wood were discovered. Dummy rifles are non-functional replicas often used for training or display purposes.

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(xiii) Wireless Sets: Three wireless sets were seized, along with four chargers. Wireless sets are used for communication and coordination.

(xiv) Receipt Booklet of KCP (PWG Kangla): A receipt booklet associated with KCP (PWG Kangla), which is a reference to an entity or organization.

(xv) Attendance Register: An attendance register was recovered, potentially containing information about individuals involved in the operation.

(xvi) Mobile Phones: Six mobile phones were found, which could hold valuable information and communication records.

(xvii) Maruti Gypsy without Registration Number Plate: A Maruti Gypsy vehicle without a registration number plate was part of the recovered items.

It is important to note that the CASO was executed successfully without any untoward incidents, ensuring the safety of both the security personnel and the residents. The recovered items have been transferred to the Lamshang police station for further investigation and appropriate legal action, reflecting the commitment of law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and security in the region.