Guwahati: Quick thinking of a minor girl foils kidnap bid

Guwahati, Nov 28: A 9-year-old girl from Guwahati saved herself from a group of men who attempted to kidnap her in the city’s Geetanagar area on Saturday.

According to the girl, a group of men in a white Maruti Omni attempted to kidnap her while she was on her way to school. The girl said that one of the men in the vehicle followed her and tried to lure her with chocolate to get her inside the vehicle.

He gave me a chocolate. But I did not take it and threw it. He then urged that he will drop me at school, but I told him that I was waiting for my mother who was on her way. He insisted once again to drop me off at school and said that my mother would be late as she was at work,” she said.

But despite her resistance, the man keep on insisting, and held her by her arm and tried to drag her into the vehicle.

When he insisted again and I refused, he held my arm and tried to drag me in the vehicle. But I resisted and I bit his hand and threw a stone at him. As I ran, he followed me and I hit him with a bigger stone this time. By then, the police arrived and the vehicle sped away,” she added.

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A CCTV camera in the neighbourhood has captured visuals of the white vehicle.

A similar incident in Guwahati was reported from the same area two days ago wherein a man on a bike tried to kidnap a minor girl.

The local residents have now raised questions on the role of the Geetanagar police regarding safety in the area.